About Professor Murray Print

Murray is a recognised leader in civics and political education and curriculum development within Australia and internationally. He directed the Consortium Project in Civics and Citizenship Education, as well as a major ARC-funded project on youth participation in democracy, and has been a key investigator in many other projects in civics covering: * Youth Electoral Study * values, policy and civics education in the Asia-Pacific region * civics education, assessment and benchmarking * the first phase of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) international civics study

Researching civics, citizenship and political education helps me understand modern democracies and the important role that education plays within them. Democracies face substantial challenges and the role that education can play to sustain them is significant.

Professor Print is a recognized leader in Civics and Citizenship Education within Australia and internationally. He has directed many research projects in civics and democratic education including Values, Policy and Civics Education in the Asia-Pacific Region; Civics Education Assessment and Benchmarking; the Consortium Project in Civics and Citizenship Education; the first phase of the IEA International Civics Study; and most recently a major ARC-funded project on youth participation in democracy.
He has played a key role in stimulating citizenship education internationally and has worked on projects and delivered invited keynote addresses in Belgium, Germany, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, and Canada. Currently he is Vice-President of Civitas International.
Dr Print was awarded the Centenary Medal for his contributions to civic education and the community by the Australian Government in 2003. Professor Print is currently co-chair of the Sydney democracy Forum, University of Sydney. 

Selected publications

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Book chapters

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Journal articles
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