About Professor Brian Paltridge

I am especially interested in the social purposes of language use; that is, not just what people do with language, but why they do what they do.

Brian Paltridge’s expertise is in the areas of discourse analysis, genre analysis, second language writing and English for specific purposes

Brian Paltridge is Professor of TESOL in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. He has published in ELT Journal, Applied Linguistics, System, The Teacher Trainer, English Teaching Forum, the EA Journal, TESOL Matters, TESOL in Context, the Journal of Pragmatics, the Journal of English for Academic Purposes, World Englishes, the International Journal of Researcher Development, Prospect, and English for Specific Purposes. He is currently editor of the journal TESOL Quarterly (with Ahmar Mahboob).

Keywords: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, English for academic purposes, discourse analysis, academic writing, English for specific purposes

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Selected publications

  • Paltridge, B., Starfield, S. (2020). Thesis and dissertation writing in a second language: A handbook for students and their supervisors (2nd ed.). London: Routledge.
  • Paltridge, B. (2019). Focusing on language in second language writing classrooms: Rethinking the approach. Journal of Second Language Writing, 46, 100680 1-2. [More Information]
  • Starfield, S., Paltridge, B. (2019). Journal editors: Gatekeepers or custodians? In P. Habibie & K. Hyland (Eds.), Novice writers and scholarly publication: Authors, mentors, gatekeepers, (pp. 253-270). London: Palgrave Macmillan. [More Information]
  • Paltridge, B. (2019). Looking inside the world of peer review: Implications for graduate student writers. Language Teaching, 52(3), 331-342. [More Information]
  • Paltridge, B. (2019). Reviewers' feedback on second language writers' submissions to academic journals. In K. Hyland & F. Hyland (Eds.), Feedback in second language writing: Contexts and issues (2nd ed.), (pp. 226-243). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [More Information]
  • Starfield, S., Paltridge, B. (2019). Thesis and dissertation writing in a second language: Context, identity, genre. Journal of Second Language Writing, 43, 1-3. [More Information]
  • Paltridge, B. (2019). Writing for research purposes: Theory and practice. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.