About Professor Alex Holcombe

Professor Alex Holcombe's research explores temporal aspects of human visual information processing - how quickly do different cortical modules and stages process information, and how are they coordinated in time?

His research laboratory has several experimental paradigms set up to reveal the hidden workings of human visual perception. Most experiments are directed at temporal aspects of human information processing. The brain takes time to process visual information, meaning that in many cases our brains are living in the past and having to predict events just to be less far behind the present. Prof Holcombe's group has recently found evidence that the lag in perception increases when people split their attention among multiple objects. This lag, although usually only a fraction of a second, can be very costly when one is attempting to intercept or avoid moving objects.

Prof Holcombe is a research within the School of Psychology, and a member of the Centre for Time.

For further information about Prof Holcombe, refer to his Academic Profile Online.