About Professor Chiara Neto

Achieving a nano-understanding of the elusive liquid/solid interface. Professor Chiara Neto’s research focuses on investigating the physico-chemical properties of liquid/solid interfaces on the nanoscale, including soft matter systems such as thin polymer films, nanoparticles, and complex fluids. She has made significant contributions in three areas: surfaces of special wettability, control of interfacial slip of simple liquids at solid surfaces, and development of functional patterned surfaces, such as for applications in atmospheric water capture and large area patterning.

Prof Neto’s research has both a fundamental and an applied component. She publishes in high impact international peer reviewed scientific journals, and has co-authored approximately 80 publications, and has an h-index of 25. She also collaborates with industry and has received numerous Australian Research Council grants to conduct industry-relevant research. She has supervised numerous research students, many of which are international, and hosted scientific visits of students and sabbatical researchers. Her research has been highlighted several times in the general media, including in interviews for ABC’s science program Catalyst, SBS World News Australia, SBS Radio, ABC Radio and in several popular science magazines. Neto has active collaborations with researchers in Germany, Italy, New Zealand and throughout Australia. Currently she supervises 4 PhD students, 2 Honours students and 1 postdoctoral fellow.

Prof Chiara Neto is a researcher in the School of Chemistry
Prof Neto is also a member of The University of Sydney Nano Institute
For more information about Prof Chiara Neto, refer to her Academic Profile Online