About Associate Professor Willem Vervoort

Associate Professor Vervoort is the leading hydrologist at the University of Sydney and an expert in quantitative Hydrology and Catchment Management. His main research focus is the development of sustainable water management in relation to a varying climate. For this I am interested in improving quantitative tools to improve management and policy decisions. A key element of his research is to develop new techniques to use a variety of old and new data sources in modelling. Projects include Bayesian model optimisation, multi-objective model optimisation, understanding model uncertainty in relation to observed water quality and quantity, and the use of satellite data to improve model structures and predictions. In addition, he has strong interests in groundwater surface water interactions, including using hydrogeochemical tracers to understand groundwater and catchment water storage.

Associate Professor Vervoort has extensive experience working with industry in projects with the Cotton and Grains industry, water supply companies, and globally in the water value chain. He has extensive international experience in Indonesia, Uruguay, Mexico and India, delivering capacity building programs and management advice. He is extensively involved with the Uruguayan Agricultural research institute on future research directions in water, as well as supporting their staff in research projects. He has supervised more than 15 PhD students and over 20 Honours students during his career at the University of Sydney.

Associate Professor Vervoort is a researcher in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences
For more information about Associate Vervoort, please refer to his Academic Profile Online.