About Professor Budiman Minasny

My research aims to creating novel methodologies that can be categorised as using both mechanistic and empirical approaches as to predict soil properties. The mechanistic approach formulates physical models to quantify and gain knowledge on soil formation processes, while the empirical approach utilises modern mathematical and statistical techniques to model and understand soil spatial variation. Specifically modelling soil formation, digital soil mapping and soil inference systems.

My interest is to link soil observations with process-based and empirical models to allow greater understanding of soil variation in space and time. Modelling soil processes coupled with functional prediction of soil properties enable us to unravel the intricacy of soil.

Prof Budiman Minasny is a researcher at The School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Prof Minasny is also a member of the  Sydney Institute of Agriculture  and the  China Studies Centre
For more information about Professor Budiman Minasny, please refer to his Academic Profile Online.