About Dr Gwenaelle Proust

Research interests & current/recent research projects: * Study and modeling of elastic and plastic deformation of metals. * Crystal plasticity. * Microstructure characterization by SEM and EBSD. * Study of twinning in hexagonal metals

Gwénaëlle did her undergraduate studies in La Rochelle and Nantes in France where she received an engineering degree in materials in 1999. Gwénaëlle then moved to Philadelphia in the USA to attend grad school at Drexel University in the department of Materials Science and Engineering. In 2002, she obtained a MS degree by completing a thesis which subject was on adhesion between aluminum surfaces and polyurethane films. In 2002, Gwénaëlle joined Dr. Surya Kalidindi’s group to work on his microstructure sensitive design project. She had a side project in collaboration with Dr. Roger Doherty and Dr. Surya Kalidindi on characterization of aluminum, copper and titanium elastic and plastic anisotropy using nanoindentation and electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD). Gwénaëlle obtained her PhD degree in April 2005. In May 2005, she moved to New Mexico to become a post-doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory in a team working on multiscale modeling of polycrystalline metals. Her mentor at the lab was Dr. Carlos Tomé. She worked there on constitutive model to predict the stress-strain response and texture evolution of zirconium and magnesium during strain-path change deformation. Gwénaëlle also characterized the microstructure and twinning evolution of zirconium and titanium samples using EBSD and developed a program to automatically recognized twinned domains in collaboration with Rodney McCabe.

Selected publications

  • X. Wu, G. Proust, M. Knezevic and S. R. Kalidindi, “Elastic-plastic property closures for hexagonal close-packed polycrystalline metals using first-order bounding theories”, Acta Materialia 55, 2729-2737 (2007).
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  • J. R. Houskamp, G. Proust and S. R. Kalidindi, “Integration of microstructure sensitive design with finite element methods: elastic-plastic case studies in fcc polycrystals”, in press International Journal of Multiscale Computational Engineering.