About Associate Professor Luming Shen

Associate Professor Luming Shen is interested in multiscale modelling and simulation of multiphysics involved in bio/nano-materials and structures under various environmental conditions. He believes that simulation-based engineering science is a key element for achieving progress in the 21st century’s science and engineering.

Luming received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Tongji University in China and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in USA.

He was a structural engineer (building structures design) in Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences, China, from April 1997 to August 1999. Prior to joining the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney as Senior Lecturer in July 2008, he was a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University.

Luming’s research interests mainly focus on the development of multiscale simulation approaches for the applications in bioengineering, nanomechanics and materials, advanced structural materials and blast-resistant design.

He has completed several research projects involving multi-scale modelling and simulation, molecular dynamics, kinetic Monte Carlo method, mesh-free methods, thin film delamination, thin film growth, water film formation, etc.

Aiming to develop the novel epoxy/nanomaterials as adhesives for retrofitting structures with CFRP, he is performing molecular dynamics simulations to study the epoxy-carbon nanotubes interactions.

He is also performing atomistic simulations to study the nanoflow between graphite layers, and to investigate the effect of structural hierarchy on the robustness of nanobar system.

Luming Shen currently holds an ARC Discovery Grant on the topic of “Multi-Scale Model-Based Simulation of Glass Fragmentation under Blast Loading”. In collaboration with the University of Missouri-Columbia and with funding support from the Department of Homeland Security in USA, he is also developing a novel nano-materials enhanced glass window panel for improved resistance against impact and blast.

Selected publications

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