About Professor Yonghui Li

Professor Yonghui Li’s research aims to advance the future wireless system design.

His research interests lie in the area of wireless communications and include future wireless systems, millimeter wave wireless communications, cooperative communications, machine to machine communications, network coding, iterative receivers with interference cancellation, MIMO, advanced channel coding techniques and multi-user communications. His recent research includes the design of novel Gigabit millimeter wave wireless networks to significantly boost the capacity of future wireless communication systems, the design of new network protocols and signal processing algorithms for future machine to machine communications, and development of future intelligent wireless devices.

Yonghui Li is a leading expert in the area of wireless communications. He is currently a professor in Telecommunications at Sydney University and ARC Future Fellow. He was also an Australian Queen Elizabeth II Fellow. He has published more than 100 IEEE journal and conference papers. He has also been involved in the technical committee of several international conferences, such as ICC, Globecom, WCNC. In past a few years, he has managed several big projects. Some of projects are collaborated with industry partner and some of them are supported by government funding.

Selected publications

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