About Dr Julia Kindt

Dr Kindt’s research interests include: Ancient Greek History; Ancient Greek Religion, The Comparative Study of Religions; Herodotus; Historiography (Ancient and Modern) and Oracles & Divination.

Current Project

Anthropology and Animality in Ancient Greece
This project explores the construction of animality in a variety of ancient world texts and contexts, including those of art, language, law, history, philosophy, religion and science. In the ancient world as in the modern, the question of the animal also invariably raises the question of whether – and how – humans differ from other creatures and what conclusion should be drawn from this distinction. It is in this sense, then, that the study of ancient animalities is really the study of ancient anthropology in its most ‘raw’ and literal sense.

Historical in scope and method and interdisciplinary in approach, this book responds to the discussion of the animal – and the appropriation of ancient-world arguments in the course of it – in continental European philosophy (Heidegger, Derrida, Agamben). The project aims to further our understanding of the cultural specificity of those lines that are drawn and re-drawn to separate man from ‘beast’ in Greek antiquity, from the Classical period to Roman Greece. In this way the book explicitly seeks to promote the significance of a historical perspective in a debate which has so far been dominated mainly by philosophy. It shows that despite all claims to the contrary Western conceptions of the animal are by no means universal but rather are part of an ongoing tradition, the origins of which can be found in the historical and cultural milieu of ancient Greece.

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Selected publications

  • Kindt, J. (in preparation) Anthropology and Animality in Ancient Greece. (see above, current project)
  • Kindt, J. (2012) Rethinking Greek Religion (Cambridge University Press).
  • Kindt, J, & Eidinow, E. (eds.) (in progress) Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion. Oxford
  • Kindt, J., Eidinow, E. & Osborne, R. (eds.) (in progress) The Theologies of Greek Religion.
Articles and Chapters  
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  • Kindt, J. (forthcoming) “The Story of Theology and the Theology of the Story in Ancient Greece”
  • Kindt, J., (2011) “Ancient Greece”, Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion (5000 word contribution)
  • Kindt, J., (forthcoming 2012) "Oracles", "Omphalos", "Pythia" in R. Bagnell, K. Brodersen, C. Champion, A. Erskine, S. Hübner (eds), Encyclopedia of Ancient History
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