About Professor Marcela Bilek

Prof Marcela Bilek's current research projects range from the design and creation of surfaces for protein immobilisation for biomedical applications to the development of clean energy and energy saving technologies. Prof Bilek heads the Applied Physics and Surface Engineering Research Group. Research projects in these areas are a stimulating mix of fundamental physics and practical applications, in areas which include materials physics and engineering, plasma deposition and processing, thin film materials, vacuum glazing, renewable and sustainable energy and cross-disciplinary research in the areas of biointerfaces and medicine.

Prof Bilek's interests are linked by an underlying theme – the desire to apply herknowledge to problems of significance in the “real world”, and to transfer the technologies we conceive to industry where they can be used to the benefit of society.

Professor Bilek is a researcher in the School of Physics and the School of Biomedical Engineering . She is also a member of The University of Sydney Nano Institute, the Charles Perkins Centre and head of the Applied and Plasma Physics Laboratory

For more information about Professor Bilek, please refer to her Academic Profile Online.