About Emeritus Professor Michael B. Thompson

Emeritus Professor Mike Thompson is interested in how animals work and evolve and, while interested particularly in reptiles, he has studied most major vertebrate, and some invertebrate, taxa.

He is currently pursuing two lines of research 1. understanding the evolution of viviparity (live birth) in animals, and 2. conservation of turtles in the River Murray system. Live birth has evolved in most Phyla of animals, and we are interested in identifying and understanding the biological constraints on their evolution. The main model organisms have been lizards and marsupials, but we have also studied various fishes, eutherian mammals and sea stars. Some populations of turtles of the River Murray have declined by 70-90% in the last 30 years, and we think that the situation is actually worse than that in some areas, particularly in South Australia. We are interested in understanding and quantifying the causes of these declines, the impact of the declines on the River’s ecosystem and water quality, and what needs to be done to reverse the decline.

For a comprehensive list of Emeritus Professor Mike Thompson's publication record, refer to his Profile Online.