About Mr Andrew Lavery

Through local and international research, Andrew Lavery continues to develop his broad knowledge of contemporary and traditional approaches to the use of glass in contemporary art, craft and design. Andrew Lavery’s work examines the colourful and banal elements of culture in large cities, using an array of assembled objects in glass and other media to produce sculptural works and installations. In Lavery's work, a glass skateboard highlights the ironic failure of the materially driven stereotype in our pursuit to own the ultimate object; and a group of bottles caricature of a range of urban stereotypes and their jarring relationships. Andrew Lavery’s upcoming work examines the generation and gentrification of working-class suburbs and the relationships and psychological experience of change among their inhabitants.

In an exhibition profile that spans 14 years, Andrew Lavery has developed a significant national and international profile. He is an active contributor to the discipline of glass, and regularly collaborates with artists and designers. Lavery’s unique contribution to the arts has been acknowledged by funding bodies, curators, galleries and institutions and through acquisitions of his work for public and private collections including Art Bank and The National Art Glass Collection. His work has been included in several important books and numerous publications nationally and internationally. Lavery is a Director of Ausglass (Australian Association of Glass Artists).

Selected publications

  • Emerald City, Artereal Gallery, Sydney, 2009
  • RBS Emerging Artist Award, Sydney, 2009
  • Pilot Light, Canberra Glass Works, Canberra, 2008
  • Another Day, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, 2007
  • A Glimpse from Australia, Chappell Gallery, New York, 2006
  • M Generation, Kirra Gallery, Melbourne, 2006