About Dr Jane Gavan

Jane Gavan is interested in examining the sustainable use of materials and processes and the dynamic idea of 'invention' and the history of technology.

Jane researches innovative, social and environmental approaches to contemporary creative practices to discover their shared value across the community through international industry collaborations. Her practice is at the nexus of material culture and material science, often with glass and nature. Jane’s 2019, consultancy work for UNESCO produced the Manufacturing Creativity exhibition in Vietnam. Jane is an experienced teacher in creativity and leadership, a former Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and member of Sydney South East Asia, China Studies, and CREATE University research centres.

Selected publications


  • Manufacturing Creativity, Ho Chi Minh City Museum, 2019
  • Paper Chain, Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia, 2014
  • Factory as Studio, DAB LAB, University of Technology Sydney, 2011
  • Shaping Perspectives, Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, 2008
  • Pink Stairwell, Haymarket (Site-specific installation), Sydney, 2006
  • Cross Media, University of Newcastle Gallery, Newcastle, 2006
  • Pink Factory Light Project, Bushells Coffee Factory, Canada Bay, Sydney, 2005