About Associate Professor Adam Guastella

I aim to develop new psychological interventions to improve treatment effectiveness and treatment access for the community.

My research aims to develop new, more effective treatments for a variety of mental health disorders by translating neuroscience findings into community practice.

I am a principal research fellow and clinical psychologist at the Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney. I manage the anxiety clinic at the BMRI which provides assessment and treatments for all BMRI and headspace associated sites to individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders including social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and generalised anxiety disorder. These community sites target the effective treatment of anxiety in young people aged between 12 and 30. In addition, I am involved with numerous treatment trials targeting a wide variety of mental health concerns using neuroscience interventions, including Autism, Schizophrenia, Substance Misuse and Anti-Social Personality Disorder.  Broadly, I am interested in developing more effective clinical treatments for a range of mental health conditions that are based on neuroscience advances. This may take the form of cognitive-experimental investigations aimed at understand how biology can interact with psychological processes to cause, maintain and recover from mental health problems. Alternatively, it may take the form of developing new interventions that can be integrated and evaluated in our associated community treatment clinics.  I am an honorary associate of a number of University schools, including the School of Psychology (University of Sydney; University of Western Sydney; University of Woollongong) and the School of Psychological Medicine (Monash University). I supervise the research thesis as primary supervisor for a number of PhD, masters, and honours level research thesis. I am open to research supervision from multi-disciplinary courses, although the majority of my students are currently from psychology and clinical psychology.  Additionally, I supervise clinical students in practice from a variety of psychology departments. When I have time, I manage my own private practice for clinical services.

Selected publications

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