About Professor Nick Glozier

I want to enhance how we help people with mental illness and chronic conditions from both medical and societal perspectives

I am a clinical psychiatrist with a training in epidemiology, health services research and health policy.

Nick Glozier is the Professor of Psychological Medicine at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, Sydney Medical School and a consultant Psychiatrist. He has interests in psychiatric and physical comorbidity, and cross-cultural health, behaviours, stigma and disability. He has worked in Europe, South Asia and Africa, in areas of mental illness and its comorbidity with sleep disorders, stroke, cardiovascular disease and epilepsy

He is a Chief Investigator in 2 Centres of Research Excellence (NeuroSLeep and Early Interventions for Young People with Emerging Mood Disorder) We are undertaking range of observational and trial studies in sleep, neurological and cardiovascular disease and psychiatric disorder. He is particularly interest in the functional assessment and disability associated with such comorbidity. He has Honours, PhD and post doc opportunities in the CRE areas which can receive scholarships or top up funding as well as seed grants

In the past five years he has published over 60 peer reviewed papers, several textbook chapters, given up counting conference abstracts, and been part of technical assessments and reviews for the DSM-V revision, the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting, the National Mental Health Commission and the National Heart Foundation.

Previously he worked at the Institute of Psychiatry in London and at the World Health Organisation, primarily in the area of disability. He was part of the team who developed the WHODAS 2.0 cross cultural disability assessment and the International Classification of Health, Disability and Functioning, the ICF. He continues to work in other countries, particularly Sri Lanka with their Institute for R&D and in applying the ICF to a range of disability areas e.g. DSP

Selected publications

1. Bin YS, Marshall N, Glozier N. Secular trends in adult sleep duration: a systematic review. Sleep Medicine Reviews 2012;12:223-230
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Youth Mental Health
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Disability and Stigma
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8. Glozier N, Christensen H, Naismith S, Donkin L, Cockayne N, Neal B, Mackinnon A, Hickie I. Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for older adults with depression and high cardiovascular disease risk: a randomised controlled trial. PLOS One 2013;8(3):e59139

Workplace Mental Health
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For a comprehensive list of Professor Glozier's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.