About Dr Murray Fisher

Murray has been nursing since 1985 and most of his clinical experience is in adult intensive care and coronary care nursing. Murray has 17 years nursing education experience, holding positions within the hospital sector and the university sector. In 1991 he completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree with an intensive care major (UTS) and completed an Intensive Therapy Nursing Certificate at St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. He has since completed a Master of Health Personnel Education (UNSW) and a PhD (University of Sydney), for which his thesis was titled 'Masculinities and Men in Nursing: an exploratory study and life history study.' For the past twelve years, Murray has worked in the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, where he has coordinated taught in units of study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Murray has served a 2 year term as the Associate Dean (Academic) and currently holds the inaugural position of Director of Preregistration Programs. Over the past 10 years Murray has published 16 peer reviewed journal articles and given over thirty conference presentations on a variety of professional and nursing related topics. Areas of Expertise Murray has research interests in the social construction of gender and the impact on men's health; health outcomes of chronic illness; clinical nursing; and readiness for self-directed learning. Murray has expertise in scale development and multivariate analyses such as exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, multiple regression and SEM.

Student Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy

Kim, Ran Jung
ICU nurses’ attitudes and knowledge towards organ donation and transplantation in Korea.

Kelleher, Michaela
A clinical assessment framework to guide nephrology nurse clinicians in their practice: Development, validation, and application.

King, Jennie.
The development and evaluation of a hypoglycaemia action plan for adults with type 1 diabetes and their significant other. 

Haylen, Denise
Living with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis     

Al-Amer, Rasmieh
Prevalence and risk factors of depression among Jordanian adults with diabetes: a mixed methods study.

Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) 

Dunn, Jo
Dying to be a man: Towards an understanding of the relationship between masculinity and male suicidal behaviour.  Recipient of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Honours Merit Scholarship
2008, 95 First Class Honours and University Medal 

Haylen, Denise
The lived experience of women with LAM: a life history project.
Recipient of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Honours Merit Scholarship

Current Research Projects
At present Murray is working on the following projects:
• Understanding the relationship of masculinity and male obesity.
• Sex differences in trauma presentation at a major tertiary trauma centre in NSW, Australia.
• The efficacy of a psychosocial educational package in improving outcomes for families with congenital 
   adrenal hyperplasia.
• Women's experiences and behaviour modification following an acute cardiac event

Selected publications


Books and Book Chapters
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