About Associate Professor Peter McCallum

Associate Professor Peter McCallum works in music analysis and investigation of the compositional process, and is currently working on Beethoven’s sketches for the last five string quartets.

Associate Professor McCallum specialises in music analysis, Beethoven sketches and analytical issues in twentieth century music.

Peter McCallum has published on the music of Beethoven, Boulez, and the classical era and has a secondary research area in aspects of Australian music including Australian music criticism. After completing a Masters degree in music analysis at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, with a thesis on the Second Piano of Boulez, he completed doctoral study at Sydney University on the analytical significance of the sketches for Beethoven’s String Quartet in F major, Opus 135. He is currently preparing for publication an edition of Beethoven’s final sketchbook, the Kullak sketchbook, which deals with sketches for the Grosse Fuge, Opus 133, the string quartets in C# minor, Opus 131 and F major, Opus 135, and the alternative finale for Opus 135.

Areas of recent supervision include:

  • Schoenberg’s pre-serial atonal music (Opus 11)
  • Beethoven, the avant garde and European music during the Beethoven bicentenary, 1968-75
  • Contemporary Japanese music
  • Sonorism and the Polish avant garde, 1958 – 1966
  • Peter Sculthorpe and the emergence of “the Australian composer”
  • Tempo and Rubato in the late violin sonatas of Brahms

Selected publications

  • McCallum, Peter, “The Process in the Product: exploratory transitional passages in Beethoven’s late quartet sketches”. Genetic Criticism. Ed. William Kinderman. University of Rochester Press. [forthcoming, 2009]
  • Clark, John, Maxwell, Ian, McCallum Peter (eds). Australian Arts, Where the Bloody Hell Are You: Australian Arts in an International Context. (including “Does Australia need an international advocacy Council” and “Afterword”. Australian Arts, Sydney University Press. Published April 2007.
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