About Associate Professor Paulo Ferreira

Research has always been my passion. Developing new ideas and being creative is what drives me in the area.

Paulo Ferreira is a researcher with interests in low back pain management, particularly the psychosocial aspects involved in the patient-therapist interaction, lifestyle factors and the prevalence of back pain, as well as spinal biomechanics.

A/Prof Paulo Ferreira is a lecturer at the Discipline of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Sydney.  A/Prof Ferreira is a physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Sports Rehabilitation and a PhD in Physiotherapy. His research interests are in the management of low back pain, spinal biomechanics and evidence based practice. The research has been published in leading journals such as Pain, Spine, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, and the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy. The program of research has been supported by $953,972.00 in competitive funding.  A/Prof Paulo Ferreira’s contribution and potential was recognised in 2001 with the award of PhD scholarship provided by CAPES – a national research grant foundation from Brazil.   Dr. Ferreira was a lecturer and the Head of school at the Federal University of Brazil during 12 years where he also coordinated the Postgraduate Physiotherapy program and the Brazilian Centre for Evidence Based Practice.  He was recently invited to take a position as lecturer at the University of Sydney.  A/Prof Paulo Ferreira is currently involved in 12 research projects with collaboration with international researchers from USA, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. He has published 25 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals, 3 textbooks, 1 book chapter, and 3 manuscripts are currently under review.   He has has supervised 52 research students among PhDs, Masters, and Honors, and is currently supervising 7 research students including 1 PhD, 4 Masters, and 2 Honors. He is leading an international cross-institutional academic partnership with the Federal University of Brazil and the University of Sydney to promote the integration and exchange of students, staff, and research across the two institutions. He is also a member of the Back Pain Research Group at the Faculty of Health Sciences – University of Sydney and a collaborator of the musculoskeletal group at the George Institute for International Health – Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney.  A/Prof Paulo Ferreira is a review for prestigious international scientific journals such as European Journal of Applied Physiology, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, Australian Journal of Physiotherapy, Contemporary Clinical Trials, and Brazilian Journal of Physiotherapy. He has been invited to speak at the 2009 Low Back Pain Forum in Boston, the most prestigious low back pain conference. 

Selected publications

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