About Dr Christopher Vaughan

Pain is one of the most devastating and interesting sensations. Unravelling the cellular mechanisms by which this occurs is an extremely exciting branch of neuroscience.

Chris Vaughan is a neuroscientist/neuropharmacologist who examines cellular, synaptic and behavioural mechanisms of novel analgesic drugs.

Over the past 15 years my work has been on the cellular mechanisms by which analgesic and addictive drugs produce their effects. Since leaving the Department of Pharmacology in 2001, I have set up the Cellular Physiology of Pain group within the Pain Management Research Institute at Royal North Shore Hospital. I have a co-joint position with both the hospital and the university. Since then my work has shifted focus to pain and analgesics – particularly, the mechanisms of neuropathic pain and of novel analgesics, such as endogenous cannabinoids. This work is largely funded by the NH&MRC.  My lab currently comprises 2 postdocs, 2 PhD students, 1 undergraduate honours student and 1 research assistant. I have previously supervised 2 successful PhD candidates. I have published more than 50 Journal articles including work published in Nature and leading discipline-based Journals such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Neuron, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Physiology (London), Molecular Pharmacology, British Journal of Pharmacology.  I regularly review grants and papers for international funding agencies and Journals.  Our lab is a warm friendly place, in spite of the pain research, and students are guided towards a path of realizing their true scientific potential.  

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Vaugh's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.