About Mr Phil Slater

Phil Slater is a trumpeter and composer who works within the Jazz Unit teaching trumpet, musicology, and analysis.

Phil Slater has performed and recorded with a diverse array of artists including the Australian Art Orchestra, Sandy Evan’s Gest8, Matt McMahon’s Path’s and Streams Project, Simon Barker’s Daorum, and AustraLYSIS, amongst others. He is the leader of the Phil Slater Quartet and co-leader of the acousmatic jazz trio Band of Five Names.

As a supervisor and researcher, Phil has a keen interest in studying the contemporary music of Australia, in particular the various jazz ensembles performing in Sydney post-1980, early jazz in Australia, and broader cultural/musicological issues associated with jazz performance practice in Australia (such as influence, representation, economics, canon construction and culture, etc). As a trumpeter, Phil’s research history and performance practice is grounded in conventional brass pedagogical traditions combined with various body-use disciplines stemming from a keen interest in Alexander Technique, yoga, martial arts and sport-psychology and their application to contemporary trumpet technical developments and sound production.  See Phil's personal website.  

Areas of recent supervision include: 

  • Representation and the Rhizome in jazz performance (a re-reading of Debussy for jazz piano) 
  • The music of Clare Fisher
  • A critical overview of Australian saxophonist Mark Simmonds’ Freeboppers Fire
  • Applications of Korean jungu rhythms and sticking patterns in contemporary jazz drumming
  • Counterpoint and voice-leading procedures in the music of Dave Holland
  • The stylistic tendencies in the bass line construction of Eddie Gomez

Selected awards:

  • 2008 Australian Jazz Award for Best Australian Contemporary Jazz Ensemble for Phil Slater Quartet
  • 2007 Limelight Award for Outstanding Achievement in Australian Jazz 
  • 2004 Bell Award for Australian Jazz Musician of the Year
  • 2002 Music Council of Australia/Freedman Foundation Fellowship
  • 2001 First Place in the National Jazz Award
  • 1997 Finalist in the Thelonious Monk International Trumpet Competition
  • 1996 Second Place in the National Jazz Award

Selected publications

For more information about publications see my academic profile