About Professor Janette Bobis

I am intrigued by and dedicated to determining how students’ learning in mathematics can be enhanced through maximising teacher knowledge of the subject.

Professor Janette Bobis is a mathematics educator with research expertise in early childhood, primary and early secondary schooling, focusing on teacher professional learning and the implications for student achievement and engagement.

Professor Bobis has made extensive contributions to the understanding of teacher knowledge and learning, children’s cognition in arithmetic ('number') and the impact of teaching on student achievement in mathematics. Her research into visualisation in the development of children’s early number knowledge has had significant and sustained impact on early number research and curricula. A program of research into teacher knowledge and learning has provided new insights into what makes professional development effective.

Research interests include:Learning sciences; psychology of education

  •     Learning, cognition and motivation
Research on teaching and learning
  •     Mathematics and STEM teacher education and professional learning
  •     Mathematics education
Keywords: mathematics education, teacher professional learning and development, teacher knowledge, motivation and engagement in mathematics, mental computation

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Selected publications

  • Russo, J., Bobis, J., Sullivan, P., Downton, A., Livy, S., McCormick, M., Hughes, S. (2020). Exploring the relationship between teacher enjoyment of mathematics, their attitudes towards student struggle and instructional time amongst early years primary teachers. Teaching and Teacher Education, 88, 102983 1-9. [More Information]
  • Bobis, J., Khosronejad, M., Way, J., Anderson, J. (2019). "Sage on the stage" or "meddler in the middle": Shifting mathematics teachers' identities to support student engagement. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Online first. [More Information]
  • Bobis, J., Tregoning, M. (2019). "The task is not the challenge": Changing teachers' practices to support student struggle in mathematics. Mathematics Education Research: Impacting Practice. 42nd annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA 2019), Perth: MERGA.
  • Bobis, J., Downton, A., Hughes, S., Livy, S., McCormick, M., Russo, J., Sullivan, P. (2019). Changing teacher practices while teaching with challenging tasks. Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME43), Pretoria, South Africa: PME. [More Information]
  • Sullivan, P., Bobis, J., Downton, A., Livy, S., Hughes, S., McCormick, M., Russo, J. (2019). Dilemmas in suggesting mathematics representations to students. Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, 24(4), 36-40.
  • Livy, S., Bobis, J., Downton, A., Hughes, S., McCormick, M., Russo, J., Sullivan, P. (2019). Exploring spatial reasoning in the early years: Effective pedagogical approaches. Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, 24(2), 26-32.