About Associate Professor Ahmad Shboul, AM

Associate Professor Ahmad Shboul's research interests include: Intellectual history and historiography of the Arab-Islamic world; Arab-Greek (especially Byzantine) cultural relations and mutual perceptions; Cities, human geography and cultural dynamics in Arab & Islamic history; Islam, society and politics in the contemporary Middle East and Aesthetics of place in creative Arabic literature (poetry and the novel).

Current Projects

  • Secular Orientations and Tendencies in Islamic Thought and Practice
  • Cultural Moments in the History and Historiography of Damascus and Greater Syria (7th-11th Centuries CE)
  • The Poetics of Hellenic Motifs in the Work of Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008)

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Selected publications

  • ‘Between Rhetoric and Reality: Islam and Politics in the Arab World’, in Islam and Politics in the Modern World, ed. A. Johns and N, Lahoud, London & New York, Routledge, 2005, 170-191
  • Byzantium and the Arabs: the Image of the Byzantines as mirrored in Arabic Literature. Arab-Byzantine Relations in Early Islamic Times, ed. Michael Bonner, New York, Ashgate, 2004 (Formation of the Classical Islamic World Series, vol. 8)
  • Islam and Globalisation: Arab World Perspectives. Islamic Perspectives on the New Millennium, ed. Virginia Hooker, Singapore, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2004, reprint 2006
  • Arab-Islamic Perception of Byzantine Religion and Culture. Muslim Perceptions of Other Religions: A Historical Survey, ed. Jacques Waardenburg, New York, Oxford University press, 1999
  • Christians and Muslims in Syria and upper Mesopotamia in the Early Islamic Period: Cultural Change and Continuity, in Religious Change, Conversion and Culture, Sydney, 1996 (Sydney Studies in Society and Culture)
  • Islamic Radicalism in the Arab World. The Middle East: Prospect for Peace and Settlement (Canberra, ANU, 1995, 29-68
  • History of Arab Islamic Civilisation (in Arabic), 12th edition, Amman, Jordan, 1993 (co-author: A. Khleifat), 238pp.
  • Prospects for Peace and Stability. After the Gulf War, ed. St John Kettle & Stephanie Dowrick, Sydney, Pluto, 1991, 7-25
  • Arab attitudes Towards Byzantium: Official, Learned, Popular. ΚΑΘΗΓΗΤΡΙΑ: Essays Presented to Joan Hussey for her 8th Birthday, Camberley, England, Porphyrogenitus, 1988, 111-128
  • Al-Mas‘udi and his World: A Muslim Humanist and His Interest in non-Muslims, London, Ithaca, 1979, 366pp.