About Dr Wei Wang

Dr Wei Wang’s research interests include: contrastive rhetoric and discourse studies between Chinese and English; translation studies; second language acquisition; contemporary Chinese discourse studies; and modern Chinese linguistics.

Dr Wang has done research into similarities and differences of Chinese and English at discourse and rhetorical levels. He is the author of Genre across Languages and Cultures: Newspaper Commentaries in China and Australia (VDM, 2007). Being educated in China, Singapore and Australia, he is a graduate of University of Sydney and National Institute of Education, Singapore. After graduating from East China Normal University, China with a BA in English (1988), he taught undergraduate courses in English language and Chinese/English translation and interpreting in China. Over the years, he also worked as a translator and interpreter for various World Bank loan projects in China. His main research interest is on modern Chinese and English discourse studies, especially from a genre-based view of discourse analysis. His PhD from the University of Sydney was on a contrastive genre study of newspaper commentaries on 9/11 in China and Australia. He published journal articles, book chapters and essays in Australia, China and internationally. He lectured postgraduate courses in discourse analysis, Chinese/English translation and second language acquisition in MEd TESOL Program at the University of Sydney and MA Translation/Interpreting Program at Macquarie University before joining the School of Languages and Cultures in 2008.

Current research project

  • 2008 – present  ‘Structures of Modern Chinese Discourse’

Selected publications

  • [Book Chapter] Newspaper commentaries on terrorism in China and Australia: A contrastive genre study. In U. Connor, E. Nagelhout & W. Rozycki (eds.), Contrastive Rhetoric: Reaching to intercultural rhetoric. pp.169-191. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 2008.
  • [Journal Articles] Intertextual aspects of Chinese newspaper commentaries on the events of 9/11. Discourse Studies. Vol.10 (3). pp. 361-81. 2008.
  • [Book] Genre across languages and cultures: Newspaper commentaries in China and Australia. Saarbruecken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Műller. 2007.
  • [Journal Articles] The notions of genre and micro-genre in contrastive rhetorical research. University of Sydney Papers in TESOL. Faculty of Education and Social Work, the University of Sydney. Vol 2 (1). pp. 83-105.2007.
  • [Journal Articles] A contrastive analysis of letters to the editor in Chinese and English. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics. Vol. 27 (1). pp 72-88. 2004.