About Professor Michele Ford

Professor Michele Ford’s research interests include: labour and other social movements in Southeast Asia; labour migration; and border studies (with a focus on Southeast Asian borderlands.

Director of the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, Michele Ford, draws on methods associated with sociology, anthropology, history and political science in her cross-disciplinary research on social movements, labour migration, grassroots politics and Southeast Asian borderlands. Michele is currently working on an ARC Discovery project on the re-emergence of political labour in Indonesia (with Teri Caraway). She has completed other major projects on relationships across the Singapore-Indonesia border (with Lenore Lyons) and trade union responses to migrant labour in the major destination countries of East and Southeast Asia. Michele has supervised PhD and Research Masters projects on labour movements, labour migration, human trafficking, NGOs and local politics.

Selected publications

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Ten most relevant research outputs:

Ford, M. 2009. Workers and Intellectuals: NGOs, Trade Unions and the Indonesian Labour Movement. Singapore: National University of Singapore Press/Hawaii University Press/KITLV.

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Ford, M. 1999. Testing the Limits of Corporatism: Reflections on Industrial Relations Institutions and Practices in Suharto’s Indonesia. Journal of Industrial Relations, 41 (3):372-92.