About Professor Carol Pollock

The lab strives to unravel mechanisms of kidney disease so as to determine novel targets for limiting kidney disease in the community. My aim is to “make my clinical role redundant in the future!!!”

Academic nephrologist with basic and clinical interests in the mechanisms of progressive kidney disease. I have supervised 10 students to the completion of their PhD and others to Masters level. Our laboratory is well supported by independent and philanthropic funding, senior scientists and clinical support.

Professor Pollock commenced her basic research interests in progressive renal disease during her PhD studies in 1988. She defined, using micropuncture techniques, the physiological basis underpinning progressive renal pathology in a rat model of diabetes and a model of compensatory hypertrophy. She subsequently developed an interest in the cellular basis of progressive renal disease with a focus on diabetic nephropathy. To date she has supervised to completion 11 PhD students (9 in the area of diabetic nephropathy, one in the area of diabetic vascular disease and one in the clinical area of nutritional and vascular complications of renal disease) one Masters and one BSc(Med) student. Two students have been recipients of national awards of the ANZSN and one from the Irish Society of Nephrology for research contributions whilst undertaking their PhDs under Prof Pollock’s supervision, and one received the annual University of Sydney award for the best PhD completed within a calendar year. A further student was recommended by external examiners for this award in 2006. Several students within her laboratory have been awarded “Best PhD student presentation” at the RNS Hospital, University of Sydney and University of Technology Annual Scientific Meeting; and best presentations by both a PhD student and a research assistant at the Kolling ASM. She is currently supervising 5 PhD students in the areas of progressive renal disease and vascular complications of diabetes mellitus. Hence she plays a key role in mentoring junior scientific staff.   She has twice been the recipient of the Young Investigator Award of the ANZ Society of Nephrology (ANZSN) and in 2000 was awarded the TJ Neale award of the ANZSN for outstanding contributions to nephrological science. In the last 2 yrs she has delivered 7 invited addresses to National Societies (Renal, Cardiac and Endocrinology meetings) and 6 invited addresses to International meetings. In Sept 2007 she was Guest Professor in Kings College in London, delivering an additional 3 lectures to the Kings College and Cambridge Renal and Vascular Research groups. In 2008 she delivered plenary lectures at the Asian Pacific Cardiology Congress, the 2008 Bejing Joint Meeting of the British, American, Australasian and Chinese Physiological Societies, the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis Meeting in Istanbul and international cadiology meetings in Barcelona and Tokyo. She has been invited to deliver a keynote address at the World Congress of Nephrology in May 2009 but has declined other international invitations in 2009. She has current editorial responsibilities for The Clin J Am Soc Nephrol, having previously been a subject Editor for Nephron and Nephrology. She is on the publications committee of the International Society of Nephrology with oversight of Kidney International, Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology and the Gateway website and is the Editor of ISN News. She is Chairperson of the 2009 NHMRC Discipline Panel in CV, Renal and Diabetes. She has authored over 170 publications to date.    She is currently Chairman of the Area Health Advisory Council for the Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service (NSCCAHS), is Research Chairman of the NSCCAHS and Associate Director of the Kolling Institute. She is Chairman of the Greater Metropolitan Task force in NSW (overseeing clinical networks in NSW), and Chairman of the Clinical Variation in Practice subcommittee of the Health Efficiency taskforce. She is a founding director of BioMed North, a company supporting the development of intellectual property out of Area Health Services, and sits on the Board of several philanthropic organizations supporting medical research.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Professor Pollock's publicatons, please visit her Sydney Medical School profile page.