About Associate Professor Usha Panchapakesan

Diabetic Nephropathy is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease and the search for new therapeutic targets are essential.

Usha Panchapakesan is a postdoctoral research scientist with the Renal Research Lab at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research.The main focus of research is in the renal complications of diabetes using in vitro models with kidney cells.

Dr Panchapakesan trained as a renal specialist and was awarded the FRACP in 2003. She has actively chosen a career in medical research over clinical medicine. In 2003 she commenced her PhD at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney funded by the Jacquot Research Entry Scholarship and a NHMRC Scholarship. She was awarded her PhD in 2006. Her PhD studies resulted in several publications including a solicited review in Nature Clinical Practice – Nephrology. Based on her PhD studies, she was an invited speaker at the 2006 Kimmelstiel Meeting. She subsequently received the prestigious Jacquot Fellowship for her postdoctoral studies and this was renewed for a second year of funding.  She had 6 months maternity leave from July 2005 – February 2006 during which she wrote up her thesis for a timely submission. She was involved in an accident in March 2007 and was on sick leave after which she had maternity leave again from April 2007 to November 2007 for her second child. She currently works full time as a postdoctoral researcher and supervises a PhD student and an Honours student after completing a Development Program for Research Higher Degree Supervision (Usyd). Her area of expertise is the renal complications of diabetes mellitus specifically in vitro models. She has reviewed journal articles for Kidney International, Experimental Diabetes Research and Nephrology. 

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Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Panchapakesan's publicatons, please visit her Sydney Medical School profile page.