About Ms Erica Sainsbury

Teaching and learning in the higher education sector in Australia, enculturation of students into professional communities

With her doctorate submitted, Erica will forge ahead working on the Large TIES grant from the University: “Improving professional teaching and learning through the development of a quality assurance process which aligns curriculum objectives, outcomes and assessments with professional standards and graduate attributes”.

Erica has received numerous awards for her teaching throughout her career: the Excellence in Teaching Award in 1998; The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2002; and the Quality Teacher’s Award from the NSW Minister for Education and Training in 2002. In 2008, she received the Faculty of Pharmacy award for Support of the Student Experience.

Erica submitted her PhD thesis early in 2009. As an ECR, she has already published 9 peer-viewed journal articles.  Together with her colleagues, she has received research funding totalling just under $250,000.

Selected publications

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