About Associate Professor Tim Chen

Dr Chen’s main areas of research involve inter-professional collaboration between pharmacists and medical practitioners in medication review and mental health services.

Dr Chen - a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice – has experience as both a clinical hospital pharmacist and a community pharmacist. His main area of research focuses on the development of professional roles for pharmacists in collaboration with other health care professionals (eg Home Medicines Review). Other related research areas include interprofessional collaboration and mental health.

Dr Chen’s doctoral research involved the first major Australian study evaluating the role of the pharmacist in conducting Home Medicines Review (HMR) and interprofessional collaboration with medical practitioners. This research and his subsequent studies in HMR have helped inform a model for practice which has been taken up by the Commonwealth Government. Specifically $114 million has been allocated to establish a national HMR programme. This represents the first significant opportunity for pharmacists to be remunerated for providing a professional pharmaceutical service. Dr Chen is currently the main supervisor for six PhD candidates. He has completed supervision of two PhD, six M Pharm (Clin), four Grad Dip and 15 Honours students. Dr Chen has received research funds of approximately $2m, over thirteen major competitive peer reviewed research grants. In recognition of Dr Chen’s seminal work in HMR, he has been an invited speaker at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FIP) (Singapore 2001, Brazil 2006, China 2007, Switzerland 2008); Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2005), The Helsinki Drug Research Congress (2006), the First Brazilian Symposium in Clinical Pharmacy (Brazil, 2006) and the 9th Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association Conference (Malaysia, 2007).  He has given invited seminars and run workshops at the University of Leeds, University of Nottingham, University of Helsinki and Kuopio University.

Dr Chen was awarded the medal for Young Pharmacist of the Year Excellence Award by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (2001) in recognition of his research and teaching in Home Medicines Review.

Selected publications

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