About Dr Andreas Jaeger

In February 2006 Dr Andreas Jaeger began lecturing in the Department of Germanic Studies and became the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) representative for Australia. Dr Jaeger received his PhD in German as a Foreign Language (Linguistics / German as a Foreign Language) from the University of Bielefeld (Germany). He completed his MA degree in German as a Foreign Language, Germanic Linguistics and Romance Languages Linguistics at the University of Munich. Before coming to Australia he worked as the Deputy Director of a private language school in Germany. Dr Jaeger grew up in South Africa and the German Alps, two scenes which still have a great influence on him.

His research passion is German, comparative, and applied linguistics, as well as language policies, varieties in languages, language history, language contacts, the mutual impact of language and culture in general. Further more he is interested in German area studies, German culture studies (Landeskunde), in effective language teaching and learning, motivation, computer-assisted language teaching, and last but not least in lexicography.

Dr Jaeger's current research concentrates on recent language policies in Australia, the history of Germanic Studies in Australia, on motivation and language learning as well as on varieties of German and their impact on Standard German.

In the area of German culture studies, Dr Jaeger is coordinating the project Shpoorenzoohe in Sydney together with Dr Sabine Jasny. This research project of students of the German Department connects 10 places, where traces of Australian-German links can be discovered, to a guided walk through Sydney's CBD.

Dr Jaeger's current political program is to enhance student, academic and research exchange between Australia and Germany and to advertise the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship programs.

Selected publications

  • Jäger, Andreas/Jasny, Sabine (2007): Zur Lage der Germanistik in Australien. [German Studies in Australia] In: Info DaF 34, 5, S. 472-486.
  • Jäger, Andreas (2007): Der Gebrauch des Präteritum-Perfekt-Paradigmas in der gesprochenen deutschen Sprache. Die Normen- und Varietätenproblematik im Fremdsprachenunterricht anhand eines ausgewählten Beispiels. Baltmannsweiler: Schneider Verlag Hohengehren.   [The usage of the preterite perfect paradigm in oral German. Problems with norms and varieties in foreign language teaching on the basis of a selected example.]
  • Jäger, Andreas (1997): Varietäten im Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache-Unterricht. Standard Süd, Regionalsprache und deren Relevanz für den DaF-Unterricht in Bayern, zusammengefasst veröffentlicht in: Materialien Deutsch als Fremdsprache 45, 87-104. Regensburg 1997.   [Varieties in teaching German as a foreign language. Southern Standard, regional language and their relevance for German classes in Bavaria.]
German Teaching material:
  • Jasny, Sabine/Jäger, Andreas (1999): Stufen International, Bd. 1. Zusatzübungen. Stuttgart (Klett). [Vol. 1, Additional Exercise Book]
  • Jasny, Sabine/Jäger, Andreas (1999): Stufen International, Bd. 2. Zusatzübungen. Stuttgart (Klett). [Vol. 2, Additional Exercise Book]
  • Jasny, Sabine/Jäger, Andreas (1998): Stufen International, Bd. 2. Handbuch für den Unterricht. Stuttgart (Klett). [Vol. 2, Teachers’ Handbook]
  • Jasny, Sabine/Jäger, Andreas (1997): Wirtschaftsdeutsch. Grundstufe. Zusatzübungen. Stuttgart u.a. (Klett). [Coursebook for Business German. Basic Level. Additional Exercises]