About Dr Nicholas Shackel

My research aims to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating liver fibrosis aiming to developed novel therapeutic agents as well as developing new diagnostic investigations.

Dr. Shackel is a physician scientist whose research focuses on the genes regulating the development of liver fibrogenesis and the progression of liver injury in a range of human liver diseases.

Dr Shackel is a Senior Staff Specialist in Gastroenterology Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown Sydney, a Research Officer Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown Sydney and a Senior Lecturer University of Sydney (Conjoint appointment). Dr Shackel has an established tract record in academia being the recipient of multiple awards including a NHMRC Gustav-Nossal Scholarship and a NHMRC C. J. Martin Fellowship. Dr Shackel has been awarded a number of prizes overseas for research excellence including the 1st Poster Prize at the 2002 Basel Liver Week, an American Australian Association Keith Murdoch Award in 2002 and an American Liver Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2003. Dr Shackel has authored multiple publications and these have consistently been at a high academic level and resulted in 314 citations. In particular during his PhD and C.J. Martin Fellowship Dr Shackel pioneered the use of functional genomics methods to study human liver disease. Dr Shackel’s academic output to-date has resulted in a number of significant novel findings including;

  1. Identification of a Th1 immune phenotype in HCV liver injury
  2. Identification of increased WNT pathway gene expression in biliary liver disease
  3. Identification of the collagen receptor DDR1 on human hepatocytes and its increased expression in human cirrhosis
  4. Identification of increased RERE expression and trans-alternate splicing in HCV cirrhosis
  5. Identification of EMMPRIN in human cirrhosis

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Shackel's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.