About Professor Tony Weiss

The Weiss Lab's research focuses on the assembly of human elastic tissue, damage and its repair. The lab is very interested in the amazing, self-assembling elastic protein tropoelastin and the use of synthetic elastin to repair elastic tissues in skin, artery, bladder and lung.

The Weiss Lab primarily researches elastin, an amazingly versatile protein that is found wherever our body requires elasticity. Elastic arteries expand and contract with every heartbeat in a lifetime, resilient lungs enable us to breathe in and out, skin needs to flex and contract.

Prof Tony Weiss is the McCaughey Chair in Biochemistry and Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. Prof Weiss is the Leader of the Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Node at the Charles Perkins Centre, Distinguished Visiting Professor BK 21 Plus, and Professor at the Bosch Institute.

For more information about Prof Tony Weiss, refer to his Academic Profile Online.