About Associate Professor Donna Waters

Donna has research interests in public health, research education, evidence implementation and knowledge transfer.

Donna is a registered general and obstetric nurse with 25 years experience in the management of medical, health services and nursing research projects. Following early research training in paediatrics, Donna managed an independent nursing and health services research organisation for more than 12 years. Donna has also worked as the Manager of research and projects at the College of Nursing and as Associate Professor of Nursing for Justice Health in NSW. With specialist qualifications in psychology, epidemiology and statistics, Donna uses the practical skills gained from working with teams across all stages of the research process, and across many different methodologies, to design and deliver research education to nurses, midwives and other professional groups.

Donna has a special interest in evidence-based practice – particularly innovations and strategies that aid the transfer and implementation of research evidence into clinical practice. Donna was involved in early development research into evidence based practice guidelines for nurse practitioners in NSW and has also been involved as a researcher and consultant in nursing workforce and workload studies. In addition to her current appointment, Donna is an Honorary Associate (Research) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Selected publications

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