About Professor Laurentiu Paunescu

Prof Laurentiu Paunescu's research interest is in Real and Complex Singularities of Analytic Functions, Mappings.

Prof Paunescu's projects look at advancing the understanding of Analytic Singularity Theory. It is characteristic in mathematics to illuminate different subjects by creating dictionaries which translate results in one into results in another, which may be unexpected and much more difficult to prove in its newer context. Strong evidence suggests that we can do this with Calculus and Analytic Singularity Theory. Since Calculus has a very long history and is one of the most important and well developed branches of mathematics, using our dictionary, one will obtain new and very significant results in Analytic Singularity Theory, a much younger but no less important branch of modern mathematics.

Prof Laurentiu Paunescu is a teaching and research academic at the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

For more information about Prof Laurentiu Paunescu, refer to his Academic Profile Online.