About Dr Graham Brooker

First and foremost I am a radar engineer.

My primary research interests are millimetre wave imaging systems based on FMCW technology. In this genre, my current focus is the use of commercially available plasma displays for use as millimetre wave radiation detectors and mixers. By exploiting this technology we hope to be able to produce low cost radar cameras capable of generating 3D images of a scene. However, I am interested in all aspects of radar and other remote sensing including harmonic transponders for tracking insects, electronic warfare, radar acoustic interaction and microdoppler signature analysis. My secondary interest is in biomedical engineering, with a focus on rehabilitation and diagnostic systems. My current projects include pregnancy and birth monitoring, vestibular stimulation as well as hand movement and rehabilitation among many.

I was a radar engineer with 20 year's experience in industry before moving into academia in 1999. Since then I have successfully supervised four PhD and four ME degrees to completion and am currently supervising two PhD students and myriad honours theses.

To date, I have been involved in two ARC linkage projects, one related to the sensing aspects of vehicle safety and the other to harmonic and optical tracking of plague locusts from a UAV. I have received a number of other grants including ECR, SEDQUI and TIES.

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