Professor Nalini Joshi has been elected into the Australian Academy of Science

Australian Learned Academy fellows

Leaders in the Australian research community
The Australian Learned Academies represent the highest order of scholarship nationally, with fellows highly regarded for their outstanding contribution to research and advancement of knowledge.

The University of Sydney is proud to support more than 200 staff members who have been elected as fellows into the six Australian Learned Academies.

Their work, in fields as diverse as mathematical methods to public health, have made significant contributions to key issues for the benefit of Australia.

Our fellows

Professor David Alais
Professor  Emerita Sally Andrews
Professor Emeritus Tony Aspromourgos
Professor Patricia Apps
Professor Emerita Diane Austin-Broos
Professor Marian Baird
Professor Garry Barrett
Dr Jeremy Beckett
Professor Emeritus Robert Boakes
Professor David Burr
Professor Phyllis Butow
Professor Emeritus Simon Chapman
Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark
Professor John Connell
Professor Emerita Raewyn Connell
Professor Emeritus Linda Connor
Professor Gillian Cowlishaw
Professor Wai Fong Chua
Professor Robyn Dowling
Professor Nick Enfield
Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice
Professor Michele Ford
Professor Peter Freebody
Professor Emeritus Geoff Gallop AC
Professor Emeritus Graeme Gill
Professor David Goodman
Professor Sid Gray
Professor David Hensher
Professor Ian Hickie
Professor Helen Irving
Professor Simon Jackman
Professor Stewart Jones
Professor Emeritus Russell Lansbury AO
Professor Emeritus Iain McCalman
Professor Adrian Pagan
Professor Pip Pattison
Professor Hans Pols
Professor Elspeth Probyn
Professor John Roberts
Professor Wojciech Sadurski
Professor Ben Saul
Professor Louise Sharpe
Professor David Schlosberg
Professor Emeritus Frank Stilwell
Professor Jakelin Troy
Professor Robert van Krieken
Professor David Walker
Professor Emeritus Richard Waterhouse
Dr Sophie Webber
Professor Linda Weiss
Professor Emeritus John Wong

Professor Ian Alexander
Professor Craig Anderson
Professor Lisa Askie
Professor Adrian Bauman
Professor Louise Baur
Professor Warwick Britton
Professor Nicholas Buckley
Professor Joshua Burns
Professor David Celermajer
Professor Steven Chadban
Professor Jeremy Chapman
Professor Clara Chow
Professor Peter Cistulli
Professor Stephen Clarke
Professor Michael Cousins
Professor Anthony Cunningham
Professor Dominic Dwyer
Professor Elizabeth Elliott
Professor Jacob George
Professor Lyn Gilbert AO
Professor David Handelsman
Professor Philip Hogg
Professor Garry Jennings
Professor Anthony Keech
Professor Matthew Kiernan
Professor David Le Couteur
Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder
Professor Georgina Long
Professor Stephen MacMahon
Professor Christopher Maher
Professor Kristine Macartney
Professor Kirsten McCaffery
Professor Jonathan Morris
Professor Mandana Nikpour
Professor Don Nutbeam
Professor Carol Pollock
Professor John Rasko
Professor Roger Reddel
Professor Julie Redfern
Professor Kathryn Refshauge
Professor Bruce Robinson
Professor Richard Scolyer
Professor Markus Seibel
Professor Christopher Semsarian
Professor Catherine Sherrington
Professor John Simes
Professor Tania Sorrell
Professor Carolyn Sue
Professor John Thompson
Professor Mathew Vadas
Professor Steve Vucic
Professor Robyn Ward
Professor Angela Webster
Professor Hala Zreiqat

Professor Robert Aldrich
Professor Warwick Anderson
Associate Professor Daniel Anlezark
Dr Olivier Ansart
Professor Peter Anstey
Professor Emeritus Alan Atkinson
Professor Emeritus Geraldine Barnes
Professor Emeritus Ivan Barko
Professor Linda Barwick
Professor Roger Benjamin
Professor Alison Betts
Professor David Braddon-Mitchell
Professor Barbara Caine
Professor Emeritus Alexander Cambitoglou
Professor Emeritus Keith Campbell
Associate Professor Alan Chalmers
Emeritus Professor Richard Charteris
Professor William Christie
Emeritus Professor John Clark
Professor Emerita Margaret Clunies Ross
Professor Mark Colyvan
Professor Eric Csapo
Professor Ann Curthoys
Professor Robert Dixon
Professor John Docker
Professor Emerita Helen Dunstan
Professor Rifaat Ebied
Professor Emeritus Brian Fletcher
Professor William Foley
Professor John Frow
Professor Iain Gardner
Professor Stephen Garton
Professor Moira Gatens
Professor Emeritus Stephen Gaukroger
Professor Emeritus Penelope Gay
Professor Paul Giles
Professor Gerard Goggin
Professor Paul Griffiths
Professor Yingjie Guo
Dr Jane Hardie
Professor Emerita Margaret Harris
Professor Peter Hiscock
Associate Professor Dexter Hoyos
Professor Duncan Ivison
Professor Annamarie Jagose
Dr Mabel Lee
Professor Yixu Lu
Professor Emeritus Roy MacLeod
Professor Emeritus Angus Martin
Professor James Martin
Professor Jim Masselos
Professor Emerita Bonnie McDougall
Professor Mark McKenna
Associate Professor Kirsten McKenzie
Professor Margaret Miller
Professor Peter Morgan
Professor Meaghan Morris
Ms Frances Muecke
Professor Emeritus Nerida Newbigin
Professor Emerita Roslyn Pesman
Professor Hans Pols
Professor Elspeth Probyn
Professor Kane Race
Professor Emeritus Paul Redding
Professor Evelleen Richards (honorary)
Professor Mary Roberts
Associate Professor Paul Roche
Professor Emerita Penelope Russell
Professor Emeritus Margaret Sankey
Professor Glenda Sluga
Professor Michael Smith
Professor Nicholas Smith
Dr Ann Stephen
Professor Anthony Stephens
Professor Emeritus Rodney Tiffen
Dr John Tranter
Professor Emeritus Garry Trompf
Professor Adrian Vickers
Professor Emeritus Richard Waterhouse
Associate Professor Lindsay Watson
Professor Emeritus Elizabeth Webby
Dr Peter White
Professor Shane White
Professor Emeritus Gerard Wilkes
Professor Peter Wilson
Professor Emeritus John Wong

Professor Margaret Allars
Professor Vivienne Bath
Professor Emeritus Ben Boer
Professor Simon Bronitt
Professor Chester Brown
Professor Joseph Campbell
Professor Emeritus Terry Carney
Professor Emeritus John Carter
Professor Nicholas Cowdery
Professor Mary Crock
Professor Peter Gerangelos
Professor Emerita Regina Graycar
Professor Jason Harris
Professor Emeritus Jennifer Hill
Professor Helen Irving
Professor Rosemary Lyster
Professor Sheelagh McCracken
Professor Barbara McDonald
Professor Elisabeth Peden
Professor Joellen Riley
Adjunct Professor Donald Robertson
Professor David Rolph
Professor Tim Stephens
Professor John Stumbles
Professor Greg Tolhurst

Professor David Allen
Professor Emeritus Bruce Armstrong
Professor Robert Baxter
Professor Tim Bedding
Professor Max Bennett
Professor Katherine Belov
Professor Marcela Bilek
Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Professor David Burke
Professor Maria Byrne
Professor John Cannon
Professor David Celermajer
Professor Emeritus John Chalmers
Associate Professor Ross Coleman
Professor David Cook
Dr Kevin Coulembier
Professor Max Crossley
Professor Emeritus Norman Dancer
Professor Chris Dickman 
Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte
Professor Ben Eggleton
Professor Steven Flammia
Professor Emma Johnston
Professor Kate Jolliffe
Professor Ruth Hall
Professor Glenda Halliday
Professor Trevor Hambley
Professor Eddie Holmes
Professor Emeritus Ian Hume
Professor Emeritus Noel Hush
Professor David James
Professor Nalini Joshi
Professor Emeritus Philip Kuchel
Professor Peter Lay
Professor Gustav Lehrer
Professor Emeritus Len Lindoy
Dr Evans Lagudah
Professor Yiu-wing Mai
Professor Thomas Maschmeyer
Professor Alex McBratney
Professor Emeritus Jim McLeod
Professor Ross McPhedran
Professor Thomas Maschmeyer
Professor Don Melrose
Professor Alex Molev
Professor Dietmar Müller
Professor Richard Payne
Professor Emeritus Leo Radom
Professor Roger Reddel
Professor Peter Reeves
Professor Elaine Sadler
Professor Emeritus Eugene Seneta
Professor Rick Shine
Professor Steve Simpson
Professor Allan Snyder
Professor Catherine Stampfl
Professor Emeritus Sever Sternhell
Professor Jonathan Stone
Professor Colin Sullivan
Professor Patrick Tam
Professor Roger Tanner
Professor Branka Vucetic
Professor Emeritus Gerry Wake
Professor Geordie Williamson
Professor Professor Albert Zomaya
Professor Hala Zreiqat

Professor Marie Bashir
Professor Ian Cameron
Professor Emeritus Hans Coster
Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte
Professor Ben Eggleton
Professor David Feng
Professor Emerita Anne Green
Professor Emeritus Greg Hancock
Professor Emeritus Brian Haynes
Professor David Hill
Professor Emeritus Ron Johnston
Professor Archie Johnston
Professor Emeritus Graham Johnston
Dr Peter Knight
Professor Yiu-Wing Mai
Professor Thomas Maschmeyer
Professor Iain Mason
Professor Eduardo Nebot
Professor Robert Park
Professor Susan Pond
Professor Allan Snyder
Professor Salah Sukkarieh
Professor Roger Tanner
Professor Branka Vucetic
Professor Tony Weiss
Professor Lin Ye
Associate Professor Ian Young

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