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A social practice approach to improving cruise passenger health

Do you live in Sydney and have booked a CRUISE leaving before mid-September this year?
Do you want to take part in some research to help us understand how families view healthy cruising behaviour and how people respond to health risks on board inorder to help us to prevent or contain infectious diseases on cruise ships?

Researchers at the University of Sydney and South Eastern Sydney Public Health Unit are recruiting Sydney families who are booked to go on a cruise between now and early September and are willing to provide a couple of hours of their time. You will receive a $150 gift card as payment.

The study will involve two face-to-face interviews and you taking a photo diary while you’re on board your cruise. 

Ethics committee approval number: HREC LNR Committee [2018/ETH000657] 


You are eligible to participate in the study if you:
  • Are a family unit with 2 or more members and
  • Live in the greater Sydney area and
  • Are booked to go on a cruise from Sydney before mid-September, 2019 


How to participate

For more information please click this link, where you can download the participant information and consent sheet.

Or contact the principal investigator, Dr Olaf Werder, at the Department of Media & Communications, by email or phone 0408 662 480.