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Pentosan Polysulfate for Dyslipidemia in Knee Osteoarthritis Study

6-month research study

Specialists from Royal North Shore Hospital are conducting a 6-month research study that will observe whether a drug that has been shown to lower blood cholesterol level, in previous studies, can improve functional outcomes such as pain and stiffness among people with knee osteoarthritis.

This study involves an initial screening assessment at Royal North Shore Hospital, and a knee X-ray to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be provided with the drug treatment. There is no placebo in this study.

You will be asked to come to the Royal North Shore Hospital for 4 study visits - a baseline visit, a 6-week, 4 and 6-month follow up visits. You will have an MRI of your knee for the baseline and 6-month visits. You will also have to complete a set of questionnaires and provide blood, stool and urine samples for all study visits. 

This study has been approved by the Northern Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee, Ref. No. HREC/18/HAWKE/73 


  • Must be able to travel to the Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Aged 45 years or over
  • Have been diagnosed with Knee osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Suffer moderate OA knee pain on most days for at least six months
  • Have no contraindications for MRI
  • Not being currently treated for haemophilia
  • Have no active or a recent history of bleeding
  • Not currently taking heparin or oral anticoagulant therapy
  • Currently not using (or willing to stop) anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)during the study

How to participate

You can self-assess your potential study eligibility by completing this survey.

It will take up to 5 minutes to complete.

If you qualify, you will be contacted by the Study Coordinator and provided with further study details.