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Does your child have apraxia?

This study will determine whether a widely used treatment approach is effective in improving the speech of children with childhood apraxia of speech.

Children with childhood apraxia of speech (dyspraxia) have severe speech difficulties that often affect their literacy, social and academic skills. We want to improve treatment for these children. 

What's involved?

It involves an assessment of your child’s speech and language skills, 12 one-hour treatment sessions at the clinic conducted by the speech pathologist and other assessments after treatment – all at no cost to you. 


We are looking for children who:

  • have childhood apraxia of speech (verbal dyspraxia)
  • are 3-6 years old
  • have normal vision and hearing
  • have no other developmental problems
  • have one parent who has English as their first language.

How to participate

If you want to know more or are interested in putting your child forward to take part, please contact: