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Brain training trial

Balance, Resistance, or INterval Training Trial: A Randomised Controlled Trial of Three Exercise Modalities in Mild Cognitive Impairment
The University of Sydney is looking for people aged 60 and older (no upper limit!) who have memory concerns, but do not have dementiato join the BRAIN Training Study.
Research has shown that people who are more physically active have a reduced rate of memory loss and risk of developing dementia. This study will look at the effect of three types of physical exercise on your brain health and physical function.

This study includes FREE:
  • Complete medical screening
  • Ongoing assessment of your brain and physical function
  • MRI scan of your brain at the start and end of the study
  • Aerobic, resistance or balance & mobility exercise sessions supervised by qualified and experienced health professionals

Training sessions will be offered 2-3 days per week at different times throughout the day over 12 months, and take place at The University of Sydney, Cumberland Campus, Lidcombe NSW 2141.

Ethics committee approval number: 2017/368  


Men and women aged 60+ years old who:
  • Have noticed a slight decline in their memory and/or other mental abilities
  • Have not been diagnosed with dementia or a progressive neurological disease (such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or Huntington's Disease)
  • Are able to walk without the assistance of another person (use of assistive device is fine)
  • Do not exercise more than 2.5 hours per week at moderate or vigorous intensity
  • Are able to attend 2-3 exercise sessions per week at the University of Sydney, Lidcombe, over 12 months
  • Do not plan to be away for 4 or more consecutive weeks over the next 12 months, and are not planning to move. 

How to participate

If you are interested in assisting with this research study, please contact Isabel Shih on 02 9036 7418 or

Alternatively, you may complete our eligibility survey here and our research team will contact you.