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Imagining stressful and non-stressful events

The focus of this study is how people imagine stressful and non-stressful events.

Participants will be required to imagine a hypothetical relationship scenario, that may or may not contain distressing content. You will then be asked questions about the scenario.

Please note that this is a online FIVE-PART study. All five sessions will be completed online.

The five sessions will each be conducted one week apart. Sessions 1-4 will take 15 minutes each. Session 5 will take 1 hour. Therefore, the total time commitment is 2 hours. When you sign-up, the researcher will email you to organise which day you would like to complete each of the 5 sessions. Before each session, the researcher will email you the study link and instructions on how to complete the study. 

Ethics committee approval number: 2018/438


You may be eligible to participate in this study if you:

  • Are a female.
  • Are romantically attracted to males.
  • Are fluent in English (you will be tested on arrival).
  • Have not been previously diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or any anxiety disorder.
  • Have not previously participated in any other 'imagining stressful and non-stressful event study' or 'imagining repeated stressful events' study.

How to participate

If you are interested in assisting with this important and exciting area of research, please contact the study facilitator via email:

Natali Dilevski