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Lives of the Stars

Modern Astronomy:. Lives of the Stars. Spring 2016. Presented by Helen Johnston. ... Please let me know of any problems with these pages:

People – Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA)

The supermassive blac. Helen Johnston. Associate Professor. Helen Johnston. Associate Professor. ... The supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxies. View Helen’s academic profileSergio Leon-Saval develops optical and photonic instruments for


2. Stars. Helen Johnston. 7 Mb). • Milky Way-Andromeda collision: (3.2 Mb). ... 3. Planets. Helen Johnston. 6.7 Mb). • Cluster collapse: cluster4.avi (5.3 Mb).

Stephan Tillmann

Mary Myerscough, Stephan Tillmann, Helen Johnston and John O'Byrne. DVC Education/Small Educational Innovation Grant..

Astronomy - Continuing Education Courses

The Lecturer/Coordinator. Dr Helen Johnston. Senior Lecturer,. Contact me at:. Room 563.

mechanics01 Stream 2: Dr Helen Johnston Rm 213. Ph: 9036 9259. ... PHYS1002 Fundamentals Module 2. My research:• black holes in binary star systems• supermassive black holes in the centres of galaxies

sydn ey.e du.a u 1 Sydney Institute for AstronomyUndergraduate ... Helen Johnston conducts research into stellar remnants like neutron stars and black holes, particularly those in binary star systems. ... Scott Croom explores galaxy evolution and cosmology. He

Associate Professor Helen Johnston

People_. Associate Professor Helen Johnston. SharePhone. 61 2 9036 9259. Fax. ... Bryant, J., Broderick, J., Johnston, H., Hunstead, R., Gaensler, B., De Breuck, C.