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US Government major investment in quantum technology

US Government investment in quantum. 3 May 2016. An international consortium comprising European groups and Associate Professor Michael Biercuk's Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney has been awarded ... Associate Professor Michael

Generous gift supports the promise of quantum computing

Professor Michael Biercuk with Hugh and Anne Harley. The gift to the of Quantum Control Laboratory also expresses their support for the transformative possibilities of quantum science and is a chance ... People give to people,” is how Hugh Harley

News and events - Faculty of Science

Find out the latest in news and events at the Faculty of Science, University of Sydney.

World-changing innovators ideas take off in 1st Ideas that Travel

Associate Professor Michael Biercuk with Qantas's Olivia Wirth. Four innovators will lead the first Ideas that Travel event in partnership with TEDxSydney aboard a Qantas flight from Sydney to San ... Francisco – and two of those are associated with

Seeing the quantum future

Professor Biercuk's research laboratories are now located in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, after six years as a visiting scientist at the National Measurement Institute. ... Much the way the individual components in mobile phones will eventually fail, so

Michael Biercuk – Sydney Business Insights (SBI)

Michael Biercuk. Professor. The University of Sydney. ... Sydney, Australia. Professor Michael J. Biercuk is a quantum physicist, innovator, and Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney.

Calls for Australia to establish DARPA model — United States Studies Centre

Biercuk. Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory, University of Sydney. Defence Connect reports on recommendations in a research brief written for the USSC by Professor Michael Biercuk about developing an agency ... Professor Michael J. Biercuk.

Five tips on rips

Five tips on surviving surf rips. 2 October 2015. Dr Jak McCarroll from the School of Geosciences offers five pointers for swimmers this summer. 1. Understand where rips are found. Rips generally occur on ocean beaches where waves are big enough to

11 things you always wanted to know about nanoscience

and that's going to totally change everything. Quantum technology. Associate Professor Michael Biercuk. ... Associate Professor Michael Biercuk. Read all their answers on Sitou Sally. Higher degree research student.

Sydney welcomes NSW Government support for Quantum Academy

of the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence, said. ... Professor Michael Biercuk has launched a venture-capital-backed quantum tech company,. Q-Ctrl, which is building firmware to deal with errors in emerging quantum technology.