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Tibet: Life on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Thursday November 21, 2019
In August 2012, she rejoined the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney to pursue domestic and international food and nutrition security research and development activities.

Food Governance Conference

Tuesday February 01, 2022
Amandine Garde, Professor of Law, University of Liverpool. Carlos Monteiro, Professor of Nutrition and Public Health, School of Public Health, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

What will the future of women’s work look like?

Wednesday December 09, 2020
actually less nutrition as families have less to eat, women are often the last ones to eat,.

From rentier capitalism to pandemic slump: the basic income imperative

Monday September 28, 2020
improving, nutrition is improving, child school attendance is improving, economic output is improving, the development of the community sanitation – they're all improving.