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Going with your gut

25 November 2022 -
Using personalised nutrition to treat cancer is central to Shanahan’s two-pronged research.

Why study the Bachelor of Science Health

12 September 2018 -
If your interests and strengths lie in the biological sciences, you might undertake a second major in Anatomy, Nutrition and Metabolism or Neuroscience where you could find roles as a lab

Focussed on food

8 December 2019 -
Together with their University collaborators the group will discuss issues such as ‘challenges of a global food chain’ and ‘nutrition in a commercial world’.

Researchers develop new framework for human nutrition

10 December 2019 -
Our framework throws down the gauntlet to the whole field of human nutrition. ... humans," said Professor David Raubenheimer, who heads the Nutrition Theme at the Charles Perkins Centre.

Ecology redefined in game-changing nutrition research

17 March 2016 -
transforming one of the fundamental concepts of the field with cutting-edge nutrition research. ... nutrition by conceptualising diet as a multidimensional balance of macronutrients, rather than the a one-dimensional intake of food or energy.

6 reasons to study health science at Sydney

28 August 2020 -
You may wish to choose finance or management, history or philosophy, nutrition, statistics, music, data science or project management, just to name a few.

Why industry influence on research agendas must be addressed

2 December 2019 -
Coca-Cola's influence on the nutrition research agenda can be at odds with efforts to improve public health, studies suggest. ... the authors – all part of the Evidence, Policy and Influence Collaborative – wrote in a blog about their paper

Women lack critical nutrient for pregnancy

21 January 2020 -
More than 40 per cent of women are deficient in iodine, an essential mineral in developing healthy brains in babies, new research has found.

Baby steps

2 December 2017 -
Things like undernutrition or over-nutrition in pregnancy, maternal diabetes, maternal stress and anxiety affect how DNA functions.


13 December 2019 -
Professor Stephen Simpson will lead a $12.9 million Program Grant to advance evidence-based precision nutrition to prevent disease.