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Is there anything wrong with medicinal cannabis?

Lucy witnessed the dramatic relief her son Dan (suffering stage 4 bowel cancer) gained from using medicinal cannabis, and Dan championed the cause alongside his mother. ... On Dan’s deathbed, she promised to make access to cannabis better for

Events 2017 - Sydney Southeast Asia Centre

9 November 2017: Angkot dan bus Minangkabau. ... Book launch. Associate Professor David Reeve's newest publication, Angkot dan bus Minangkabau: Budaya pop & nilai-nilai budaya pop (Minangkabau angkot and buses: Pop culture & pop culture values) was

Joint geography conference 2021: IAG and NZGS - Faculty of Science

The Institute of Australian Geographers and New Zealand Geographical Society combined Conference will take place at the University of Sydney, 6–9 July, 2021