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Why you’re checking work emails on holidays (and how to stop)

But it's never too late to hide the laptop, write Associate Professor Dan Caprar and Dr Ben Walker. ... Dan Caprar & Ben Walker. In the long term, it’s worth reflecting on whether you might be over-identifying with work.

Mental health system needs reform

Dan Gaffney. Media & PR Adviser (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy).

Malcolm needs a date with Dr Google

Malcolm needs a date with Dr Google. 23 September 2015. Disruptive technologies are bringing healthcare closer to home. The new PM can make a difference to mental health by supporting investment in technologies linked to smart systems and expert

Philanthropy just keeps on giving

Philanthropy just keeps on giving. 21 June 2017. The importance of philanthropy. The desire to help others nourishes many opportunities, writes our Vice-Principal (Advancement) Tim Dolan in The Australian today. Many people have burned considerable

Explainer: How do kids develop food allergies?

Explainer: How do kids develop food allergies? 27 September 2017. What is a food allergy and how do they develop? Scientists and doctors are trying to understand food allergies better. How do people develop these allergies? Dr Lucinda Berglund, an

The sad truth about 'mumpreneurs'

The sad truth about 'mumpreneurs'. 6 May 2016. Research shows mumpreneurships could be a last resort. The rise in the number of working mothers switching to self-employment might appear positive, but new research shows the underlying causes could be

Value capture no path to infrastructure utopia

Value capture no path to infrastructure utopia. 29 April 2016. How to pay for major projects remains a key political challenge. Value capture is no silver bullet for infrastructure funding, writes Garry Bowditch, Executive Director of the Better

How banks can win public trust back

A major bank's claim that "trust is critical to our business" sits very awkwardly with its recent track record, writes Professor David Kinley of the University of Sydney.

Australian gun laws may seed their own destruction

Australian gun laws may seed their own destruction. 4 December 2016. Laws providing income stream for pro-gun lobby. Of all Australia's public health initiatives, our gun control laws are perhaps the most widely recognised and cited with pride. Yet