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International business research

Associate Professor Dan Caprar, Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator. Associate Professor Chinmay Pattnaik.

Rendina Group - Faculty of Science

Our people. Professor Lou Rendina, Group lead. Dr Dan Morrison. Opportunities. If you are interested in joining the Rendina research group then please contact Prof.

Asia-Pacific Geography research - Faculty of Science

Asia-Pacific Geography Research. Investigating the impact of changing global conditions. In close cooperation with our international partners, we apply geographical concepts and intensive fieldwork methods to understand and address a range of

Livestock Production and Welfare Group - Faculty of Science

The Livestock Production and Welfare Research Group at the University of Sydney is partnering with industry to monitor and improve not only the welfare of the livestock in our care but also the productivity of the systems in which these animals are

Sydney China Visitors program - China Studies Centre

Dr Dan Chen. 2018 visiting fellow. “My work has benefited tremendously from the numerous conversations I had with my colleagues at the China Studies Centre, who come from diverse disciplines, including

Environmental change, monitoring and governance - Faculty of Science

Environmental Change, Monitoring and Governance Research. Protecting our dynamic planet. From using geo-spatial technology and paleo-environmental techniques to detect and measure environmental change to evaluating environmental protection regimes,