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International business research

Associate Professor Dan Caprar, Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator. Associate Professor Chinmay Pattnaik.

Economics research - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dan Hamermesh. University of Texas. “O Youth and Beauty:” Childrens looks and children's cognitive development. ... Dan Friedman. University of California Santa Cruz. Order Protection through Delayed Messaging.

Urbanism research

9, no. 8, pp. 1-27. Jones, P 2017, 'Housing Resilience and the Informal City', Jurnal Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota, vol. ... Jones, P 2015, 'Housing Resilience and the Informal City', Third Planocosmo and Tenth SSMS International Conference, Aula Barat

Asia-Pacific Geography research - Faculty of Science

Asia-Pacific Geography Research. Investigating the impact of changing global conditions. In close cooperation with our international partners, we apply geographical concepts and intensive fieldwork methods to understand and address a range of

Rendina Group - Faculty of Science

Our people. Professor Lou Rendina, Group lead. Dr Dan Morrison. Opportunities. If you are interested in joining the Rendina research group then please contact Prof.