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Continuing Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

An undergraduate scholarship
$6000 scholarship to assists top-ranked University of Sydney students currently studying an undergraduate or honours degree.


Value Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Undergraduate coursework or honours students
  • Completed at least one year of study

How to apply

No application required. Eligible students are automatically considered based on academic merit.


This scholarship is valued at $6000 per year, tenable for one year only.

Who's eligible

You must:

  • be an undergraduate coursework or honours student
  • have completed at least one year of study
  • have completed and passed a minimum of 48 coursework credit points in the past academic year
  • specialise in a business discipline if you are an honours student
  • not be in receipt of any other primary scholarship.


Established in 2012 to support top ranked current University of Sydney Business School students in undergraduate study and not receiving scholarship assistance. 


Established in 2012 to support top ranked current Business School students in undergraduate study and not receiving scholarship assistance.

Selection Criteria
  • Achieve one of the top ranked academic places in the Business School.
  • Based on Annual Average Mark (AAM) over 48 credit points in their University of business degree in the year prior to selection and award.
  • If two students are ranked for the final place with an identical AAM, Weighted Average Mark (WAM) will be used.
  • To receive the scholarship in the year they are awarded, students must enrol in a standard full-time load of 48 credit points (24 credit points per semester).
  • Students who have been awarded the scholarship for one year, are eligible to be considered for the scholarship again the following year.
Ongoing eligibility
  • Scholarship must be taken up in the semester offered and cannot be deferred.
  • Maintain a 75% Distinction average, minimum in first semester to receive second instalment in semester 2.
  • Honours students required to make acceptable progress in their Honours program, as deemed by the Honours Supervisor.
  • Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence without prior approval are liable to repay that semester’s stipend. 
Payment schedule

Payment will be made in equal instalments after the census dates pending progression.

  • accepts an alternative scholarship, administered by the University of Sydney, valued at $6,000 per annum or more for the same purpose as this Scholarship,
  • fails to achieve a 75 Distinction average in the first semester of award or has made unacceptable progress in Honours program,
  • fails to maintain a standard enrolment load of 48 credit points in the academic year they are awarded,
  • withdraws or takes a Leave of Absence from their undergraduate degree without prior notification to Business School.